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Empowering small businesses in the cannabis industry. 


From Me

Hi there,

In the past year, I’ve noticed two trends in the cannabis industry. First, it’s never been easier to start a business in this space selling smoke, vape, and CBD products – especially if you’re planning to sell online. Platforms like Shopify are now accepting CBD merchants in the US, more payment gateways are becoming available to businesses in the industry, and even Facebook has relaxed some of its restrictions on CBD advertising. Combine this with the surge of wholesale and dropshipping suppliers offering their products to retailers and it’s clear why the opportunity to claim a share of this market has never been greater.

Second, many of the small businesses selling smoke, vape & CBD products today are far behind their peers in other industries. My work with hundreds of online cannabis retailers confirms this for me and I believe it’s mainly due to the lack of resources, education, and tools made specifically for these retailers. A quick search on YouTube for “shopify watch dropshipping” will reveal a plethora of quality content – some of which walks you through the entire process of building an online store selling watches. A search for “shopify CBD dropshipping” does not offer the same quality or quantity of results unfortunately. 

That’s where I come in. I’ve spent the past two years running profitable online stores selling smoke, vape, & CBD products on Shopify. My ecommerce journey has not been easy or without failures, but the knowledge I’ve gained from this real world experience has helped me optimize and scale these stores – which I still run to this day. I want to share resources, tools, and educational content that I wish was available when I first started. Eternally Baked is my attempt at doing just that. By building a community of entrepreneurs around this, my hope is that the future of the cannabis industry is shaped by us as independent retailers, and not by the retail giants like Amazon.

My specialty is online retail, but many of the insights shared here will be applicable to head shops, dispensaries, and many other businesses in this space. I look forward to building this together.


Happy Selling,